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Shop.MediaCy.Com Help

Quick Start
To start an order simply search for a product, click on the product's "Order" button, and then follow the online instructions. You can also start an order (or add to an existing order) directly from the Online Price List (see the link on the left side of home). To track previously placed orders, click on "Order History". The site lets you price, place, and track orders.

What payment options are available when ordering on Shop.MediaCy.Com?
Several payment options are presented to you when you place an order. You may order with a PO number or a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express) or you may choose "Cash in Advance" and then send a check, money order, draft, or wire to cover your purchase.

Alternatively, you may contact the nearest Media Cybernetics Sales office for information on setting up a corporate account with terms. Terms may be useful if you will require multiple purchases.

Why can't I order Image-Pro Plus (or certain other products) on Shop.MediaCy.Com?
If a product is not available for online ordering, we offer it exclusively through our worldwide dealer network. Wherever possible we strongly encourage our end users to work with our authorized dealers. Our dealers are image analysis professionals with the knowledge and experience to help you put together and support a great image analysis system. Please contact our offices as listed at to find a dealer who can help you.

Do I have to log in or create an account to use Shop.MediaCy.Com?
No, you can surf the Shop.MediaCy.Com site for prices and information without ever logging on or creating an account. You will only be asked to log on or create an account if you decide to order. Creating an account is just a matter of obtaining a log on name and a password and providing your contact information for shipping.

How do I report an error on Shop.MediaCy.Com?
If you receive an error while using Shop.MediaCy.Com please forward it to If possible please let us know where you were on Shop.MediaCy.Com when the error occurred.

About the Back Button
Because the site presents information dynamically, your browser's back button may not always work the way you would expect while you are on the site. You may receive a message saying "The page has expired, use the refresh button if you want to view it". If you hit Refresh the page may or may not then be displayed normally. In general, try to use the links provided to get where you need to go instead of the back button.

The Orders Pipeline
The site can be used to track your order throughout Media Cybernetics' order processing pipeline. Orders are generally submitted, approved, put together, and then shipped. Throughout the process, you can view the status of your order on your Order History page as described below.

I'm having trouble activating my product or demo.
If you are having trouble with software activation, license files, hostIDs, or unlocking codes, please visit Software Activation Help.

Order History Page
Order History lets you view the details of any order that you have placed on Shop.MediaCy.Com. From this page you can track the status of your order from placement to shipment. Here you can quickly find order shipping information and tracking numbers as soon as they are available.

View Current Order Page
From the View Current Order page you can edit your current order by adding or subtracting products and quantities or you can cancel the order. You can start an order and then come back to it at any time for up to 15 days. Once your order is ready to go, you submit it from this page by clicking on the Checkout button.

MediaCy Home Link
The MediaCy Home link takes you to Media Cybernetics' corporate web site.

Online Price List Page
The Online Price List displays all products available to you on Shop.MediaCy.Com. You can also click on any product code to view details about that product. You can easily start or add to an order from within the online price list.

Cart Numbers and Order Numbers
Orders placed on Shop.MediaCy.Com can have up to three numbers associated with them: Cart number, Order number, and your company's internal order number or PO number if you entered one with your order. You can search by any of these numbers.

The Cart number refers to the order as originally placed on Shop.MediaCy.Com.

An Order number is assigned to each portion of the original order (the Cart) that will be shipped. For example, one part of the original order may not be in stock. The part that is ready can ship immediately while the other part is back ordered. Each part will be assigned a seperate order number.

A Cart number will always have one or more Order numbers associated with it but an Order number can only have one Cart number associated with it.

I'm having trouble activating my product or demo.
If you are having trouble with software activation, license files, hostIDs, or unlocking codes, please visit Software Activation Help.

Contacting Media Cybernetics
For pre-sales questions regarding ordering, pricing or products, please contact your regional Media Cybernetics Sales office as listed at

For questions about orders you have placed, check your Order History page, or contact Media Cybernetics Customer Service at or telephone +1 301-495-3305 ext. 1.

Were do I send suggestions or comments regarding Shop.MediaCy.Com?
We are very interested in your comments and suggestions regarding Shop.MediaCy.Com. Please send suggestions or comments to